Doctor Arai is a veterinarian and owner of an animal clinic. He is Ran's owner and Andō's uncle.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen Arc

Doctor Arai is a talented veterinarian with his own animal clinic. Andō and Tsuji brought him a wounded Akita dog and he decides to heal him, though it was going to be a rather expensive operation. He is a bit scared and confused after finding out that a strange looking Doberman has started to move close to his clinic ever since the Akita dog was brought in.

Few days pass as doctor keeps taking care of the dog and names him Aki. One day, "Aki" runs away. Doctor sees the Akita leaving in a truck and doesn't understand why he is leaving in such a shape. Gin thanks the doctor in his mind as the truck drives away.

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