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The Koga is a breed of dog probably descended from the Kai Ken. The Kogas are known for making up the Koga Clan of fierce Ninja warrior dogs, renown for their agility, speed, and strength.

They are distinguishable by their brown or gray coloring and most notably their trademark backwards-facing Mohawks along their heads. In Ginga Nagereboshi Gin, the clan is led by Kurojaki.

Most of the Kogas committed suicide by jumping into a burning Iga house after their leader, but The Kōga Elder lived and rebuilt the Koga Clan with the remaining survivors. Eventually, the leadership passed to Kurojaki's son Tesshin in Ginga Densetsu Weed. The Koga Clan has a warring history with their rivals, the Iga clan. As of now, their rivalry is gone and both ninja clans are allies of the Ohu Army.

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