Japanese Breeds (Nihon-ken) acknowledged by the Nihon-ken Hozon Kyokai (Nippo) are:

Akita Inu
Hokkaidō Inu (Ainu Dog)
Kai Ken (Tora Inu)
Kishu Inu
Shikoku Inu
Shiba Inu

The following breeds are not acknowledged by Nippo as of today:

Mino Shiba Inu
Jomon Shiba Inu
Kawakami Inu
Ryukyu Inu
Higo Rou Ken (Higo Wolf Dog)
Karafuto Ken (Sakhalin Husky) (EXTINCT)

The following breeds were created in Japan, but not considered "Nihon-ken":

Koshi no Inu (EXTINCT)
Japanese Chin
Japanese Spitz
Japanese Terrier
Tosa (Tosa Tōken, Japanese Mastiff)

Made up breed by Yoshihiro Takahashi:


The American Akita (also know as the Great Japanese Dog) is not a Japanese breed.

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