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Byakuren no Fang (Fangs of White Lotus or Fangs of Purity) is a short manga of four original volumes, created in 1993. It centres around dog fighting.

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A Siberian Wolf pup named Zero was brought from Canada to Japan. He was given to a young boy named Makoto Yoshimura as a gift. Zero is to become a fighting dog in the arena. However, Zero misses his homeland and is overjoyed to see his mother one night.

His mother has travelled all the way from Canada to Japan to bring her son back. The joy is short because the Tosa-inu Unryū interrupts their time and kills Zero's mother.

Afterwards, Zero and his master train to fight to become the best fighters. They are sent to a small house in the woods where the old man Furuya lives. He's a master of training dogs and both learn a lot of him.

Here, they also meet the boys: Rouou and Taki, and their dogs Kobushimaru, Ranmaru and Onifudō. Zero defeats them all in training battles and feels prepared for a match with Unryu.

They enter the championship and their first opponent was Benigumo, from the defeats. Then he is put face-to-face with a tougher one, the half-blinded tosa, Dokuganryū. Zero's pride almost costs him his life during that match, but he ends up winning after blinding the old dog completely. Finally, there is only one opponent left: Unryū.

The battle became hard and exhausting. Zero was close to losing, but in the moment of truth, he remembered his mother and the reason why he fought. He picks up the fight more fiercely and beats his enemy. Zero has now gotten his revenge on Unryū for killing his mother. Now, he can continue his life in peace with his master.


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