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Bruiser is a boxer owned by Toshio Tachibana, the rival of Yamato's owner Ryo Fujiwara. Bruiser first comes into the story when he encountered Yamato on a bear-hunting trip with his owner.


He is a brown and white boxer with a gray muzzle and black markings around his orange brown eyes.

Shiroi Senshi Yamato

When Yamato was trained as a fighting dog, Bruiser and his owner Toshio became the first primary antagonists of the story. Bruiser has been an experienced fighter in the dog fighting matches that he had clashed against Yamato several times. He participated in the Yamagata District tournament, where he fought against Kokujūō, Ginzan, Tandora, Kongō. Bruiser fought Yamato on a final match where Yamato was muzzled and trained to fight by ramming and using agility. On this match, Bruiser lost the fight that he was considered useless to Toshio. When Toshio Tachibana got a new fighting dog called Blackey the Doberman to test its skills, Bruiser was later killed by the new dog.