Black Satan is a Doberman that leads a group of black dogs called Kuroi Gundan against White Wolf's pack Shiroi Gundan. He was once a pet dog of the human Akio.

Shiroi Senshi Yamato

Black Satan was originally a pet dog, but he became a wild dog to his owner, Akio after the death. Black Satan had been very loyal to his master, and he dug up his body and left for the mountains.

Black Satan became head of wild dogs in the area and neighboring herd, Shiroi Gundanin, the enemy. Laumoilla was controversy turf wars and are designed to destroy each other. Black Satan horde invaded the territory of the people in order to steal cattle and railed at the same time attacked people.

Two years after the death of Akio, Black Satan flocks found a strayed Ryō Fujiwara and Jumbo at forest. Black Satan told subordinates to them and Jumbo was about to get killed. Yamato and Hanji came to the scene and drove off Kuroi Gundanin.

The villagers finally decided to destroy Kuroi Gundanin and set fire to the region. Around the same time Kosuke wanted to avenge the dog treatment and found the dog, with Ryo and Yamato Kuroi Gundanin's nest cave. They found a skeleton inside Akio, and almost immediately after the Black Satan rushed to the scene to protect it. Black Satan survivors of the subject also came to the scene, but Kosuke burned them to death by spraying flammable propane gas on top of them.

Black Satan protectors of the late master and attacked Jumbo. Black Satan was a strong opponent, but in the end, and Yamato managed to win the Kaiten Jigoku and Manjū Tsubushi. Yamato rips Black Satan's throat open and the Doberman dies beside his master.

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