Bear is large and bloodthirsty bear, who was Fubuki's main enemy. It weighed approximately 240 pounds.

Bear Hunter Fubuki-gou

The bear attacked Jūzaburō, his grandson Yoichi and Bear Dog Fuji attacked while they were walking. Bear Jūzaburō slapped in the face, bringing him a sense of balance and the left eye. Next, a bear killed Yoichi, and Fuji, which was not able to beat the bear without a master's help. Jūzaburō woke up later and vowed revenge after seeing the bodies of his side.

Ten years later, the bear attacked Shōgo, Yūji, and Gohē attacked and killed them all. Hunting patrol was sent to hunt down the bear, and it was among the Jūzaburō's new bear dog, Fubuki. Fubuki and another bear dog named Raiden to hunt bear. Fubuki dodged the bear attacks, but all too fearless trained Raiden did not know how to look out for, and a bear, killed it by crushing its head under his paw.

The hunters ran to the scene and began to shoot the bear. Jūzaburō blinded it by shooting it in the eye. The bear was hanging on the edge of Fubuki and poking it, and at the same time itself down, to ensure that the bear would die. The strong flow took the bear and the dog forward until the fire against a rock stuck in a tree trunk. Fubuki managed to kill the bear by punching it in a sharp tree branch.

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