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Askari is the protagonist of Fang and son of a wild Newfoundland Wolf and a German Shepherd named Lobo.


He is half Newfoundland wolf, which makes him very fast, strong, intelligent and rare.


He was born in Alaska and lived with his mother and their owner Nozomi Tachibana. One day, he loses his mother and right eye when a group of poachers attack. Askari and Nozomi swear to find the culprit and Askari wears his mother's collar after her death.

Seven months later, Askari and Nozomi arrive in Japan and start to track the poachers together with Reiko Kuwabara. Many criminals want to capture Askari because of his rare DNA and the leader of the poachers turns out to be a mysterious man called Mister, who used to be Nozomi's teacher.

After a fight in sewer, Askari is lost in the sea and separated from his owner. He is found by a Chinese man called Yang and they arrive to Hokkaido. After Yang betrays him, Askari flees and tries to travel back to Honshu. He travels a while with a young boy and his mother, and later a couple with an important floppy disk. After the couple is killed by Mister, Askari arrives in Iwate mountain and helps an old man and his granddaughter. Soon afterwards, Askari is reunited with Nozomi.

Near the end of the story, Mister is killed when he falls on his own bomb. Askari and Nozomi decide to return back to the wilderness of Alaska.