Akazaru is scarred, slashed-eyed monkey appears during the time Yukimura did. He is one of the monkeys in Tobizaru's group.



Ginga Densetsu Weed

During the battle where the dog pack and Gozaru's monkey tribe were fighting against Shogun, Akazaru realized that the baboon was a tyrant so he charged at Shogun armed with wooden club.

Akazaru hit Shogun's head so hard that the club broke into two, then he jumped onto the baboon's back, clinging onto his fur and bit his head which gave chance for the dogs to fight. However, Shogun was too strong for the scarred monkey that Akazaru was thrown off and was grabbed by Shogun who sunk his jaws into the monkey's chest slowly killing him.

The dogs and the monkeys forced Shogun to let Akazaru go by biting and the latter beating him with wooden clubs. As the dogs and the monkeys chased the baboon, Gozaru and Pepe attended to Akazaru who finally breathed his last gasp.

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