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Akakabuto Arc
Chapter 1 to Chapter 42
Episode 1 to Episode 21
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The Akakabuto Arc is the first arc in the manga and the entirer arc of the anime Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. It follows Gin's birth to training to joining the wild dog pack finding strong males and then fighting to the death with the evil bear, Akakabuto


Introduction Arc

Journey Arc

Gin followed the dogs one night when he spotted them, they made him jump over a cliff to see if he was worthy enough to be in the pack, he succeeded and they took him back to the pack leader, Riki, who had lost his memory but was truly Gin's father, he told the dogs that he planned to kill the bears and put an end to the massacre. Riki commands the dogs to go find strong warriors. so the dogs, namely Ben, Cross, Smith, Great, Hyena, and Gin set off to find strong dogs in Japan.

On their journey, the pack finds the Three kai brothers, Moss, Akame and his dogs, in which Ben goes blind and puts Gin in charge of the pack, and Benizakura. They get trapped in a ditch with some bears at the top but manage to escape this and return back to Ohu one night before the final battle.

Great Battle Arc

The dogs race off and defeat bears like Madara and Mosa. Ben and Sniper brawl, Smith is injured and can't during the battle with Akakabuto. Riki remebers his past. Many characters die in the process, namely Hyena, Benizakura, Akatora, and Riki, however, they do defeat Akakabuto and restore peace to Ohu.